Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Private Life of Electricity

Electricity, when coming through a light bulb, manifests as light.

When coming through a heater, it manifests as heat.

When coming through a radio, it manifests as sound.

It appears to be three different things; heat, light, and sound. But it isn’t. It’s just electricity. It appears as various names and forms without being in any way different from what it always is: electricity.

There isn’t a separate electricity for each of the apparatus: an electricity for the light; an electricity for the heater; an electricity for the radio.

It is the same electricity that powers them all.

When experienced from the point of view of light, heat and sound, or from the point of view of the various appliances that it powers, it appears to be different; to be many distinct things.

But from the point of view of electricity, there aren’t many things. There isn’t even one thing. There is just electricity.

There is only itself.

Like this awareness appears as the universe, without being anything other than itself.