Wednesday, 30 May 2012

An Idiot's Guide to Self Knowledge pt. 2

So if I am everything that is – the all knowing limitless Brahman (Brahman means absolute pure consciousness), then how come I seem not to know the truth about myself? How come it seems that I am inside a body, inside a world, totally cut off from everything around me?

Well, in truth there is no separation, there never was any. There is just a misapprehension of reality. Nothing more than a wrong idea about it - the idea that there is me, and there is something else, when in fact there is just me appearing as what I experience, and part of what I experience is a wrong idea about who I am.

It's nothing but a thought in awareness.

The practise of self knowledge is to take the point of view of awareness, because I am awareness, and everything appears in me. I am the substrate, the immovable absolute which lends its being to everything.

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